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Liana Bridal Salon hosts all styles of wedding dresses available in the world!
Liana Bridal Salon take care of you, professionally with dedication and love. Here, in accessible, central location, you'll find a bridal salon where all you do this day truly memorable experience: high-quality wedding dresses personal design, hair and makeup professionals.
The warm and sympathetic ear, careful maternal care and considerate service will give you a great sense of calm and security to accompany you along the way. Next dress is available for a wide range of fashionable jewelry set with Swarovski crystals and pearls to complete the look shining and clean.
Journey to the dream begins meeting with our representative.
Fulfilling your dream dress - this is our success! Our brides tell

Liana's dream come true Michaeli 30 years ago when she started designing and sewing dresses top echelons of the business worldwide.
He struggled Liana build a world-renowned as HAUTE COUTURE and not long after became Liana designer one talented lady of living to a huge lead in his field, a bridal salon extends over 350 meters, a bridal salon where Liana dictates the fashion brides by design fantasy make reality. Liana bridal leads for its professional staff and skilled hired Liana, these are professionals who all purpose to fulfill your fantasies a wedding day the best.

Liana Bridal Salon was founded 30 years ago and since then is Israel's leading bridal salon, Liana Bridal Salon employs skilled and professional staff who all aim to fulfill your perfect wedding dress. For this bridal salon hairdresser Liana established that includes: professional bridal hairstyle, bridal makeup professionally by professionals in their field.
Liana Bridal Salon invites you to enjoy hundreds of models of wedding dresses designed and sewn by Liana Bridal Salon and designed by Liana own fabric designs from the guests directly from abroad according sewn collections. Liana Bridal Salon puts the emphasis on so that you will not find one tailor-made dress.
Liana bridal salon you will find dozens of models of modest wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses, wedding dresses competitor.
Now recognized as a marketer Liana Bridal Salon renowned all over the world and everywhere Liana has been recognized unique brand which can be completely trusted because of quality and style.
Thanks to the spectacular designs of Liana, thanks to Liana's couture and great service thanks Liana make thousands of brides each year the most beautiful brides in the world, which is what makes Liana Bridal Salon for the best.